Tentang PALM

Welcome to PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre 

PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre was established on July 16, 2019, in Gaza in order to increase Malay-speaking peoples’ knowledge about Palestine and its cause. In addition, the Centre seeks to direct their attention and faith to the Muslim nation’s primary concern, and translate their solidarity into action; supporting the Palestinian people in all fields.

The Centre targets about 300,000,000 Malay-speaking people in Malaysia, Indonesia, and some parts of south-east Asia through the different tools of scientific research and media.

We know our job is not easy; however, it is not impossible. The injustice Palestine suffers from requires true dedication from Muslim and international institutions working in different fields to help the Palestinian people regain their national rights.

We believe that our work will be of greater influence if we combine our efforts, so we are willing to cooperate with other institutions in accordance with these principles.


Our Vision

PALM aims to be the primary source of information about Palestine and its cause for Malay-speaking countries. 


Our Mission

PALM Strategic Initiatives is a Malaysian-Palestinian Centre that spreads knowledge and information about Palestine and its cause to Malay speakers through research, media and translation to ensure justice.